Our Packaging

We worked very hard to make our packaging as responsible as possible.  The shipping box is reusable, please keep it and re-use it (we love the look) or follow the instructions in the box to return it so it can be reconditioned and reused.  Let’s avoid the landfill!!!

The air tight and transparent case that holds your bracelet can be used to store and protect your jewelry, making it easy to view what you have.  It’s also handy to keep your jewelry organized when traveling.  We want to make your life simpler.  

The cute bags that holds the air tight box with your cord bracelet was designed to carry small items when you travel.  It was lovingly manufactured by a small female owned shop in Costa Rica.  We do our best to follow our tenet of women helping women.

The packaging material used for shipping is made with recycled paper when possible and the foam is made of corn cellulose so it is biodegradeable.  You can compost it or disolve it in water.   Watching it dissolve in water is like magic and a great party trick!   Although we don’t recommend it, it burns clean.